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From Start To Sold.

You have an incredible product. 
Does your brand and packaging artwork make sure that customers see, buy and return to buy again?
Pearl Resourcing is a brand and packaging design agency committed to positioning your products to sell the shelf or online.

Launching a completely new product, brand, or extending a product line is a huge and daunting task, with very little accessible knowledge available online.


From the fine details of sourcing structural packaging that functions correctly, to ensuring your package can be manufactured and delivered safely, to developing a visually attractive brand that hits your target audience, or to creating a marketing strategy that will actually work online or on the shelf – there's a lot to think about and a lot can go wrong. 

Pearl Resourcing takes away the stress and pressure of that process with our team of experts experienced in Structural Packaging, Visual Design, and Digital Marketing, for a smoother, more efficient product development process.


Work with us throughout the entire product life cycle or choose "a la carte" in one area for our help in one area. Contact us for your custom quote!



Packaging sells product.

It's the first thing your customer in the store sees before they buy your product. But it's the last thing someone thinks about when designing a product.

Start selling fast with our tailored packaging design or manufacturing. We provide you with options, costs, production timelines, samples & a money back guarantee.


You will save time & money, reduce risks & be ready to launch immediately.



Be bold. Be memorable. So you can grow.

Creating the right recipe and sourcing the right co-packer is as much an art as it is a science.


There are important questions to ask to evaluate quality and manufacturing requirements. There are also important details that define a flavor profile or make a recipe memorable and unique for your brand.


We know how to help you manufacture and create a product authentic, memorable and unique for you.



Your brand identity isn't just your logo and pantone colors.


It is what your company is all about and a well crafted one SHOWS your customers why they should care. A well crafted brand builds trust, loyalty and raving fans.

The ethos of your company is portrayed in images, words, and your mission mission.

Build a brand that has clear messaging and strategy across all communication mediums and you will see the results in your sales and customer loyalty.


Reduce risk and costs with expert management of manufacturing your physical products.

Let us source, cost compare, sample and quality compare, place orders, and manage delivery so you get exactly what you ordered in the most timely manner possible.



Online engagement matters only if it drives sales & increases long-term customer loyalty.


We curate online marketing campaigns across platforms (paid ads, social media, content marketing) to generate measurable engagement & customer life-time value.

Let us help you take control of your online marketing so you can drive your online sales.


Like a brick & mortar, your website is the place your customers engage your product online.

You need to impress your customer from the moment they walk in the door, convince them to buy and give them a reason to return.

Let us build you an easy & beautiful shopping experience that will prompt engagement, increase sales & turn customers into fans,



When you are leading and making waves, sometimes you just want a fellow entrepreneur and expert to ask questions so you can find your own way. Contract with Pearl Resourcing experts for hourly growth consulting.



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