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Let's Create Packaging That Sells

Let Us Help You Pick

The Perfect Structural 

Packaging For Your Product

We are Pearl Resourcing and we offer

PEARL LAUNCH LAB: Structural Packaging 

services to help you source, design & manufacture

the perfect packaging for you.


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Questions this service will help you answer: 

  • What material you should use?
    (glass, folding carton, corrugate, rigid gift box, plastic film)

  • What size should your packaging be?
    (width, height, length)

  • Should it be custom or stock?

  • How much would it cost?

  • How much would freight be to get it?

  • What are the minimum quantities I can order?

  • How many would be in a pallet?

  • What is the interior packaging, outer packaging, master case, pallet and shipper packaging you need?

  • Which packaging matches my brand?

  • What packaging size and style will help me get into my goal retailers or commerce sites?

  • Will I ship this online and have it arrive safely?

  • What manufacturing requirements exist so your co-packer can use your packaging?

  • What QA requirements must you get to keep your customers safe?

  • What sustains le options are out there on the market? What is their cost?

  • Where do I find a dieline or the digital file to give to my graphic designer to be able to create the final packaging artwork I want?

  • How can I create a 3D or physical mock-up so I can see what it will look like?

Leadtime from start to having packaging in your hands?:

2-3 months



  • Unprinted Physical Mock-ups 

  • Printed Physical Mock-ups

  • Digital Dielines

  • Digital and 3D Mock-ups

  • Mass Production Costing broken out by quantity

  • Manufacturing Lead-times

  • Artwork layouts

  • Packaging dimensions


  • Start faster

  • Reduce waiting time

  • Avoid risks

  • Get the best competitive price

  • Ensure you find out the questions to ask

  • Get costing for various quantities

  • Get samples to be sure you LOVE what it looks like before you manufacture

  • Figure out the best sizing

  • Learn your options and their PRO's and CON's

  • Ask an expert questions that are nagging you

  • Get logistics delivery strategies so your packaging gets their ontime


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Product Development & Packaging
for Success on the Shelf

Emily Page has worked with several Top 25 retail chains on their store brands programs, has over 12 years of experience in selling consumer brand products with packaging, and has launched multiple 7-figure brands into retail and e-commerce with 2-5 x growth in sales.

Emily will guide you through what it takes to develop products and packaging that will make your own brand items truly stand out on the shelf. She’ll discuss...

  • The symbiotic relationship between product development and packaging

  • What packaging design elements make products pop at the shelf

  • How to build your brand story and tell it consistently across categories

  • How to keep the end user in mind throughout the development process.

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