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We have special services for clients we work with over time.


Pearl represents a select portfolio of products for clients and brings these products to sell in retail or online on Amazon in exchange for a percentage of net profit rather than a project fee.


The right clients for this are ones that have an existing relationship with us and share our values. This is important because it allows us to act as an extension of your business, making decisions with your best interest in mind.

Our contribution is more than just relationship building and sales calls - we help you create pricing, marketing and sales materials, and a longer term product development plan to help the 1st PO become an everyday PO.

We have launched numerous brands into retail or on Amazon, bringing them from 1 to over $1 million in sales.

Contact us to inquire for customized help: 


Pearl will develop your entire product line and bring your idea to retail ready.


The right clients for this are individuals or businesses looking to launch fast and would rather invest the money for an expert because they don't have the time or employees to and want to start quickly. 


Our years of experience launching profitable products means we will keep our eye on your brand and business priorities, help you minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

We have launched thousands of skus, we would love to be an asset for you.

Contact us to inquire for customized help:

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