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Do you want to launch your product or business under YOUR BRAND? We offer courses so you can start NOW and MONETIZE your idea -- on your own. Check out courses and start dates below. 

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Pearl Resouring - Packaing & Product Development Courses


Amazon is a HUGE retailer and an easy place to start selling your own physical products. However the process of developing a product and getting set-up online can be excruciating and long.


Take our course and learn how to make your own products fast and sell them on

Bootcamp Course:

  • June 7, 2019 - Email For Details

RSVP by clicking the link on the date above. Questions: 

Don't see your city? Email to schedule something near you.


Want to create a physical product under your personal brand?

We'll teach you how to turn your idea into a manufactured product you can sell in retail or e-commerce.


In this course we will you give advice to make your launch faster, more profitably and having way more fun.

Come learn how to manufacture physical products under your brand or the brand of an influencer you manage--don't just pay someone else to do it. Learn to do it yourself.

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