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WEBINAR: How to Design Retail Private Label Packaging That Sells (Fri, May 25, 2019 12:30 PST)

Free Webinar for Private Label Brand Owners For Designing Products To Sell In Retail by Emily Page of Pearl Resourcing
How To Design Private Label Packaging To Sell In Retail

This LIVE FREE webinar by Emily Page from Pearl Resourcing is all about designing retail private label packaging that sells.

In this fun and to-the-point 50 minute session you will review the essentials - what #KobeBryant says masters should practice every day - fundamentals of success! But specifically we will talk the fundamentals of #privatelabel product development and sales success!

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In today's saturated market of private label brands, it is more important than ever to know how to differentiate your brand on a crowded shelf. There is also more opportunity than ever for new brands to gain attention by doing if they are doing the right things. You will be able to take away actionable items which you can apply in the coming quarters for increased sales and brand awareness.


+ Retail buyers in the private label brand category

+ Private label brand owners managing retail sales

+ Manufacturers for private label buyers and brands

WHAT WE WILL COVER: 1) 6 CORE keys of success

2) Review case studies real PRIVATE LABEL brands that are working

3) Ask you questions and give you homework so you can create your own compelling brand story that will sell in retail!


+ How do you create a destination brand where customers visit stores to buy your product?

+ How do you ensure the artwork is different enough to catch the attention of a busy shopper?

+ How do you make sure the product won't just be a ME TOO or COPY CAT product? That is has it's own legs to stand on!

+ How do you work with co-packers (or buyers) to meet your deadlines or budget goals and get them to deliver for you?

No post webinar sales pitch. Just real advice for entrepreneurs and CEO's of physical brands companies.

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See you soon!

-EMILY (and the Pearl Team including Cecilia)

aka E$

Emily Page, CEO of Pearl Resourcing talks private label packaging
LIVE WEBINAR: How To Design Private Label Packaging To Sell In Retail

P.S. This presentation was given at ECRM's private label brand program. If you missed it check out their many many trade shows specifically for private label buyers and manufacturers!


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