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Jocko White Tea printed film overwrap for Jocko Podcast

Packaging design and manufacturing by Pearl Resourcing.
Flexible film tea overwrap for Jocko White Tea by Pearl Resourcing. (FRONT)

Blended and created exclusively for Jocko Willink, the voice and creator of Jocko Podcast, Jocko White Tea is organic white tea is blended with pomegranate, hibiscus and lemongrass to make the type of refreshment than will help you get up before the enemy.

Dedicated fans of the tea swear you'll get an 8,000 pound deadlift and the ability to roll ju-jitsu like Echo Charles.
Flexible film tea overwrap for Jocko White Tea by Pearl Resourcing. (BACK)

Brew with hot water to release the antioxidants and light caffeine so you can #GETAFTERIT.

Flexible film overwrap protects tea from corrosive light and seals in freshness.

The folding carton auto bottom carton for the 100 CT RELOAD box is carefully curated to ship affordably on Amazon and be easy for a co-packer to fill.

The original sturdy tin protects product during shipment and can be reloaded with more tea or used on your desk to remind you of what matters... Discipline Equals Freedom.

Structural packaging and manufacturing by Pearl Resourcing for Jocko Podcast.
100 CT RELOAD of Jocko White Tea - lock and load. Packaging by Pearl Resourcing for Jocko POdcast

No wonder this product received 2018's Brand Packaging Magazine award for best use of brand in the metal category AND the tea continues to be a best seller on Amazon in the tea category. It was made to win.


Structural Design + Packaging + Manufacturing (flexible film, 100 CT RELOAD BOX, 25 CT Tin) by Pearl Resourcing for Jocko White Tea, LLC, Origin Labs ( and Jocko Podcast (

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