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Emily has worked with Top 25 retail chains on their store brand programs, has over 12 years of experience in selling consumer brand products with packaging, and has launched multiple 7-figure brands into retail and e-commerce with 2-5 x growth in sales.

Follow Emily on LinkedIn to get the latest updates on what it takes to develop products and packaging that makes your brand items truly stand out on the shelf. Emily covers topics such as...

  • The symbiotic relationship between product development and packaging

  • What packaging design elements make products pop at the shelf

  • How to build your brand story and tell it consistently across categories

  • How to keep the end user in mind throughout the development process

  • Previous success stories and examples of what has driven the success of her clients store brand programs.


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Start To Sold YouTube Channel
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Everyone wants to know how to sell their physical products on retail or e-commerce! But getting that knowledge is usually learned the expensive and hard way! Follow this channel for real life experience and advice from Emily Page, CEO of Pearl Resourcing, on effective product development so you can create PRODUCTS THAT SELL.


  • 2-15 minute videos on topics of product development

  • Easy to digest, humble content that comes from the same place you're at

  • Emily will guide you through what it takes to develop products and packaging that will make your own brand items truly stand out on the shelf.


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