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Pearl Resourcing is a team of experts in custom PACKAGING DESIGN for retail and online commerce. Our services are designed to eliminate stress and provide a one stop solution so you can focus on sales and creating products that rock!

Work with us throughout the entire product life cycle or choose "a la carte" in one area for our help in one area.


Contact us for your custom quote!

Growth Consulting
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To create effective brand and packaging design you must FIRST be 100% clear on the BIG PICTURE STRATEGY. Let us help you define where you are GROWING so you can accomplish: 1) sales in stores and online and 2) long run builds brand equity (recognition and loyalty.)

Contract with Pearl Resourcing experts in physical product business growth.



A brand identity includes the recognizable visual elements that a customer associates with you. It must tell your story, why customers should care, educate on your core values and products, all while grab attention in a noisy competitive shopping experience. Effective brand designs grab attention, communicate and are memorable in the environment in which it's intended to sell.

Your brand identity isn't just your logo and pantone colors. It also can't be designed in a vacuum on a computer according to your personal style or current trends. A fast and cheap design might get you going but usually it's limited by your own ability to give instruction or that designers level of experience - rather than directed by deep strategy.

Work with us to build a brand that is built on the deep strategy earned from experience to see the results in your sales and customer loyalty.

Structural Design
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We source and structurally design unprinted packaging options so you can start designing and manufacturing the best options for you. Services include unprinted samples, exploring all options relevant to your project needs, tiered quantity costs, production timelines, and printed samples.

The structure your product goes must protect your product from breakage or spoilage PLUS it must be visually compelling to a customer. You are juggling a budget, production timelines and quality control when making decisions on your structural packaging.

Allow us to help you save time & money, reduce risks & be ready to launch immediately.


Packaging Artwork

We design print ready packaging artwork with your end result in mind - grabbing the attention of your consumer so you can increase sales.

A beautiful brand is exciting BUT it must be translated to print ready packaging artwork with a strategy in mind - focused on the manufacturing process and future sales environment. For example if you are selling in poorly lit grocery store aisles, the clunky pallets of a club store or the crowded environment of an online search results on Google.

With with us in designing your print ready packaging artwork to be bold, be memorable and grab attention to sell.



Let us source, cost out, sample, quality compare, place orders, and manage delivery so you get exactly what you ordered in the most timely manner possible.

It can be hard to find the right vessel to package your product - large manufacturers are unresponsive, sourcing on international websites has no transparency or trust and wholesale brokerage websites are hard to find.

Work with us to reduce risks and costs with expert management of manufacturing your packaging.

Sales Collateral


Your physical product brand must be designed to sell today AND to build long term brand equity. To close with a professional pitch you need brand consistent assets that focus on product sales - ideally in the form of templates your team can use in the future.


We offer product sales focused collateral design including:

  • Digital Commerce Design - Shopify Design, Woo Commerce Design, Amazon Listing Images, Prouct Based Social Media Templates

  • Sales Presentations - Keynote and Powerpoint Sales Presentations, Sales Flyers, Tradeshow Banners

  • MOCK-UPS - Product Photography, 3D Digital Mock-Ups, Printed Full Color Mock-Ups, Unprinted White Mock-Ups

Let us help you design product based templates for your team to use so you can drive your online sales.


Some of our happy clients:


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