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    Lolli and Pops Launches Signature Truffle Library Exploring Exquisite Flavor Pairings

    Our new Lolli & Pops 16-piece truffle boxes are now in stores!

    Lolli and Pops Signature Truffle Library explores the best flavors from all over the world - try all 12 flavors in stores now! - Structural Packaging Design by Pearl Resourcing

    To be told you are beautiful inside and out is up there with the most desirable compliments.

    Sweet and delightful to the core with a chic and polished appearance; we aren’t describing the girl next door, but Lolli & Pops’ newest addition to their confectionery clan: The Signature Truffle Library.

    Indulge in an enticing array of flavors nestled inside strikingly beautiful marble patterned boxes with elegant gold accents.

    So many beautiful flavors to pick from - Lolli and Pops Truffle Library Let's You Explore Chocolate Flavors That Will Melt Your Heart

    Whether you chose one flavor or the entire 12-flavor collection, the Signature Truffle Library makes a fabulous addition to any celebration. Form and function underscore this delightful treat as the lid easily folds back to create a display for guests revealing 16 pieces of gourmet handcrafted truffles.

    All My Love goes to Lolli and Pops truffle program

    Pick up a box or the entire collection at your local Lolli and Pops store today (locations searchable on http://lolliandpops.com)!

    • Stack them and wrap with a bow to gift the entire library of chocolates to explore.

    • Bring your host or hostess’s favorite flavor - display on your coffee table for guests to easily pick one of the many options.

    • Gourmet truffles are made with the highest quality ingredients and molded into dome shapes making for a sweet indulgent bite.

    Brand by Maker NY http://makerny.com.

    Structural Packaging by Pearl Resourcing

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