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Chocolate Truffles By Chocmod France Now Available in Costco Taiwan

Dark chocolate truffles imported from France grace the pallets of Costco Taiwan with warm golden ribbons and lace.

We must share our beautiful structural packaging designed and manufactured for delicious chocolatey Truffettes De France brand by ChocMod France - now available in Costco Taiwan!

Check out this in store photo of Chocolate Truffles by ChocMod France. Packaging by Pearl Resourcing.
Costco has carried Chocolate Truffles by ChocMod France in multiple regions. They are now available in Costco Taiwan.

Now available in Costco Taiwan, rich imported chocolate truffles. Packaging by Pearl Resourcing.
Structural Packaging + Manufacturing by Pearl Resourcing for Chocmod France.

Structural design + manufacturing by Pearl Resourcing for Chocmod France! This sturdy packaging is secure for easy palletization.

The elegant colors, slight detail and warm variations of gold printed color... gold foil and gold ribbon makes it the perfect gift for Chinese New Year, Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate with a yummy sweet treat.

Structural packaging by Pearl Resourcing
Dark chocolate truffles imported from France grace the pallets of Costco Taiwan. Packaging by Pearl Resourcing

Now available for in Costco Taiwan.

To learn more about this company or order please visit: ChocMod France.


Structural Packaging Design and Manufacturing of Packaging by Pearl Resourcing.

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