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Shopping for a Shoppable Website

When creating a website for consumers, shoppability is key. The result from pressing enter after a search should be a seamless experience that includes researching, browsing, and shopping. Business owners who are serious about sales, serious about establishing and strengthening their brand, and serious about direct marketing must consider three components that factor into a successful website equation.

First and foremost, a website must be fast and functional. A mobile-friendly website is the most effective way to keep customers coming back and on your site for longer periods of time. Fast site speed will attract more shopping traffic. Easy navigation means your website is usable and accessible. According to Small Business Trends, 94% of consumers say this is the most important when it comes to the use of a website.

An offer, such as a pop-up coupon allows access to a customer's email address. With this information, marketing to their needs provides an opportunity to foster a new customer relationship. Free shipping is another option that offers savings, something attractive to any buyer, and will promote return business. This is an effective way to build your clientele base through your website.

Quality is paramount. Invest in a custom website that is structured and designed to complement what you offer in a way that sparks positive emotion while shopping. To sell your physical product, your website must speak quality to your customer. This is a first impression as if you're meeting in person. Once they open your site, a look of professionalism, structure, and organization will attract and impress.

A recent survey conducted by Forbes showed that 85% of online grocery shoppers are likely to buy the same things weekly and 80% are likely to repeat previous grocery shopping orders. This means products that get into your online shopper's basket one time can translate to high lifetime value. This makes a shoppable website an invaluable tool for gaining customer loyalty!

Here at Pearl Resourcing, focus on the shoppability of your website design and structure because the easier it is for customers to shop, the more they will buy, the more they will return for future use AND the better your overall performance will be on search engine rankings.

We exclusively build websites that help your customer SHOP on WordPress AND Shopify. Building your website with DIY solutions like Wix sounds good up front, but comes with costly functionality issues and a lack of customization options.

Both WordPress and Shopify are fully customizable and will also offer top performance for your customers, better SEO rankings, and solid protection from hackers. Plus they both make checkout easy and with focus on follow-up on abandoned shopping carts.

Ready to chat about how we can help take your product business to the next level? Schedule a free website assessment with Pearl Resourcing today! Click our 30 min free call here:


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