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Why Branding Is Essential to Create Long Term Value

A brand can be defined as the repeated images and messaging that is uniquely identifiable to your product business.


The more a customer can recognize your brand - the more embedded your brand

Pearl Resourcing explains why Branding is a tool to create profit

is in their memory (their thoughts AND emotions). Of course the MORE customers think or feel about you brand - the more long term value your brand has.

If you ever plan to sell your company OR if you want to increase sales in stores then you MUST be strategic about building a brand that will increase recognition over time.

The good news is that the most basic tool in your arsenal is REPETITION, something that is literally nearly free and something everyone can do.

Pearl Resourcing says where your product is located in a store makes a difference on your best design strategy.


The other tools you must use (which are harder to create) require STRATEGY related to where you plan to sell your products.

The competitive space on the retail shelf or online search field determines the ability for your brand to stand out.

The way the human brain works is that we comprehend information in a specific order and we prioritize recognition as well! Here is the order of comprehension and significance:




Movement > Size >Contrast/Uniqueness > Top to Bottom > Left to Right

Here is an example you can apply to your own eyes in this moment to prove this point. Take a look at this image below. What do you notice?

Of course you see a red large dot on black - in fact it's hard to avoid seeing it. The reason why is because of the contrast of the color and the sizing.

And now look at this image and see what you notice?

In this next image what stands out initially? Do you see anything the longer you look at the image?

Most people will see the small red dot in the right corner. And then after more focus the will notice a brick pattern in light grey.

These two black images illustrate the cognition that occurs in the brain always depends on things like SIZE, CONTRAST and also LOCATION of the images.


This is even more important if your product will be placed in a brick n' mortar versus ecommerce environment because of where the product is located infront of the human eye.


There are technology companies like Eyeware Tech who demonstrate what shoppers view with eyeglasses that replicate a heat map following the eye retina. You can see here that shoppers actually view things at a 45 degree window infront of their face while browsing.

This image is from Eyeware Tech website and research:

As you can see from this heat map you cannot expect a shopper who is browsing to be staring at your product straight on. This means you must have dramatic packaging that can grab attention from their peripheral view.

The average shopper makes re-peat purchases with 50% of their choices but that means 50% of the other items are impulse buys. This implies if you can capture their attention you can potentially capture more sales.


In contrast online shopping (e-commerce) occurs with search results which bring items to the forefront of a shoppers eye and displays items on a white space with other competitors based on KEY WORDS.

You can see from this example of Amazon search results for deodorant that it is important to align images to face straight on with a clean white background. Plus you need to keep the words on the packaging VERY clear so they contrast with white since large companies like or or Google shopping utilize white as the background for search results.

Pearl Resourcing advises on considering branding based on where you sell products - online commerce requires different branding.

Pearl Resourcing asks "Do you know why two identical products can charge different prices?"


Branding actually is a scientific tool you can invest in for long term value - not just short term results.

You may remember from your course in economics - and that is the concept of "barriers to entry" which allow you to protect your product and customer base so you can charge a fair price. Branding IS a unique barrier to entry you can create that sets you apart in the market and allows customer brand loyalty to enable pricing that includes profit.

You can watch this 5 minute video to learn more about the ECONOMIC principles that enables your brand to be a powerful tool to build your business and profit.


What are your next steps to review and up-level your brand?

1) In order to use this information you MUST first review the competitive space where you plan to sell. Your best design will not just be one you personally like but it will be one that stands out on a shadowy retail shelf in a grocery store.

2) Next you must make sure you optimize the space you are allowed on the shelf or in the search image thumbnail - fill the entire allowed space! Use contrasting colors and large shapes to draw attention.

3) Then of course you must define those colors, shapes, images, and text you will REPEAT on all products in order to create brand recognition.

After you identify that you need to make changes - you often need to hire a design agency to help with the finer details. In the beginning of your brand it may not be essential BUT over time you should up-level and re-brand to improve your brand performance as you get into more stores.

If you're interested in working with Pearl Resourcing schedule your appointment to review your brand and get an estimate:

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