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Oct 2021 Newsletter

Pearl Resourcing shares re-brands taking people to the next level.
Good packaging sells faster... your branding helps you sell.

We all know how an image can trigger a memory or make us hungry! Imagery can transform customers perception and feelings towards a brand. That is why that long and arduous path towards defining yourself from the competition visually matters so much! In this email we are celebrating brands in our portfolio who are emerging and changing the world around them! Take a look at our most recent work and join us in celebrating the brands that bring us NEW product we can eat, put on our skin and enjoy! Perhaps consider visiting and buying some of their amazing products in support? Credit for beautiful designs go to the talented behind the scenes creative team members of Pearl Resourcing who have made the vision of these brand owners come to life. We wish you an inspired day! Pearl Resourcing



Visit their website!


Visit their website!

Dirty Birds

Visit their website!

Lolli and Pops

Visit their website!

Sally B's Skin Yummies

Visit their website!

P.S. Inspired by what you see? Schedule a CONSULT to discuss your packaging through the CALENDLY link on our website:


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