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Solluna Skin Care Line Launched By Kimberly Snyder (Author and Health Influencer)

We want to share the beautiful structural packaging of our client Kimberly Snyder and her fresh skincare line Solluna.

Kimberly Snyder glows when she talks about her passion to help people create fresh and healthy choices. “True healthy choices will make you FEEL GOOD inside your own body and outside on your skin." Which is where her passion for this new skin care line came from.

Her *NEW* Solluna Skincare Line is curated with organic ingredients and in sunshine inspired packaging, her new line makes it easy to be healthy and beautiful naturally.

Kimberly Snyder is probably most famous for her NY Times best selling books on health: The Beauty Detox series and Radical Beauty co-written with Deepak Chopra. Or the SOLLUNA juice bar at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills popular for delicious hydrating juices and food.

As a mother, wife, sister and friend living in Los Angeles she also daily works to find the balance of a busy but healthy life. Her newest skincare line is fresh and pure so your beauty routine will make you "feel good."

For beautiful organic skincare try her new SOLLUNA SKIN CARE LINE. You also will likely enjoy her news book: RECIPES FOR YOUR PERFECTLY IMPERFECT LIFE.


Structural packaging and artwork by Pearl Resourcing.


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