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GROWN 4 - Brand Up-Level By Pearl Resourcing

Grown4 is a community focused cannabis company committed to products that promotes a healthier and happier lifestyle.

This BRAND UP-LEVEL for Grown4 cannibas company helped them tell the story of an interconnected community and experiencing an elevated life.

By capturing the evolution and experiences of all elements of life we see, from the earth to the sky - where each strain family gives you a different perspective.

Pearl Resourcing completed these things for GROWN4:

  1. Growth Consulting - Ready to start unleveling and launching new products, Grown 4 started with imagining the future goals they had and strategizing their timely launch to market. With the end in mind, they started with intention and clarity.

  2. Branding - Grown4 had a beautiful initial brand that worked for the small scale they started at but as they grew they needed something more powerful and impressive to express their story. With our unique brand process, Brand Identity Directory Kat Reyes lead re-creation and up-leveling of their story with custom illustrations of a scene of nature that stacks together across product lines. With varying levels of color saturation the brand is united and catches the eye.

  3. Structural Design - We curated custom stand-up pouches to match their required volume with unprinted samples, mass production quotes and timelines. The key was the structure of the iridescent material that brought the illustration and artwork an additional "supernatural" perspective of life and the product.

  4. Visual Design - We applied the branding to the dielines of their packaging to create powerful and unique product lines that continually express an experience customers can recognize and celebrate.

  5. Manufacturing - We mass produced their stand-up pouches and labels for in-store display jars.

  6. Sales Collateral - Website development, printed packaging mock-ups, digital printed packaging mock-ups for website sales, social media graphics of packaging.

Below you can see the finished beautiful product. To view their website and contact the company visit their website:

Please email comments, feedback, questions and reviews to:

To hire Pearl Resourcing to help you with YOUR UP-LEVEL reach out and schedule your 30 minute free consultation.


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