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Dirty Bird's New Dipping & Grilling Sauce (product line extension)

Dirty Bird's Dipping & Grilling sauces bring friends and family together from backyard BBQ's, birthday parties & every celebration in between. We have your taste buds covered!


Dirty Bird's is an established restaurant chain in San Diego County with over 5 locations and growing. And now it was time to create a PRODUCT LINE EXTENSION by bottling their signature popular sauces for retail.

This process required:

  • A) Growth Consulting (sourcing and formulating the recipe and co-packer)

  • B) Branding (curating a brand that was similar to their original brand but had a life of it's own)

  • C) Structural Design (sourcing and designing the bottle, label, shrink sleeve and carrying case)

  • D) Packaging Artwork (applying the brand to the structural packaging dielines in preparation for print)

  • E) Manufacturing (advising on manufacturing costs and potential printers)

  • F) Sales Collateral (printed sample mock-ups for photoshoots and sales)

To effectively grab attention AND memorably tell their sauces story we designed their Sauce Surfing Mascot - whose friendly but sassy passion for through a party for friends and family shows up with his unique "look for each sauce."


The Dirty Bird Dipping and Grilling Sauce's make throwing a party easy and delicious with 6 sauce flavors for your enjoyment. are the life of the party!

The best sauce flavors are:

  • DIRTY RANCH - Classic Buffalo & creamy ranch team up for our best seller!

  • SPICY GARLIC - A garlicky hot sauce that’s perfect for wings but bad news for Vampires

  • FLAMING HONEY MUSTARD - Sweet honey, red jalapeño & a mustard duo to kick up your wing-ding!

  • HONEY HOT - Louisiana inspired blend of hot sauce, honey & brown sugar that parties as hard as Mardi Gras!

  • DIABLO - A fiery concoction of peppers & spices that will send your taste buds straight to hell!

  • PMP WARRIOR - Sweet & spicy sauce of red jalapeños & honey that brings out your inner warrior!

With the first Dirty Bird family restaurants starting in San Diego, California - we celebrate food and coming together with a casual environment inspired by the beach and surf culture in San Diego. Every bottle has the original wooden surfboard on the back label to tell the motto Dirty Birds lives and cooks by.

Buy all 6 sauces for your home OR as a gift in a giftable 6 count carrying case. Every sauce has a unique flavor.


Learn more about the Dirty Bird's family of restaurants or buy your own hot sauce in store by visiting their website: or


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