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SafeCamp - New Test Kit Packaging Makes Going Back to Work Safe & Simple

SafeCamp - Putting People Back To Work Safely.
SafeCamp - Putting People Back To Work Safely.

SAFECAMP is a customized, onsite COVID-19 testing service for your business, movie production, or special event of any size.

With more than 20 years of onsite production, SAFECAMP understands the complexities of helping your team get back to work safely no matter how small or big your team.

Let SafeCamp provide a practical solutions for your business:

In addition to onsite testing, SafeCamp also now provides customized test kits that can be sent to team memebers at their location for personal testing.

They hired Pearl Resourcing to help design on brand, beautiful packaging that would keep their kits safe. We also needed to worry about creating on brand instructions (that weren't confusing with "medical speak") and supported by branded illustrations.

Services provided by Pearl Resourcing include:

  1. Branding (product line extension branding)

  2. Structural Design (packaging creation, unprinted physical samples, dielines)

  3. Packaging Artwork (custom illustration of instructions, placement of logos and copy)

  4. Mass Production (quick turnaround mass produced boxes)

Hire Pearl Resourcing for your next project by scheduling an appointment on our homepage.


View detailed explanation of our boxes in this video by CEO Emily Page.

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