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The Perfect Bite Co. Egg Bites Bring Yummy Healthy Breakfast Home

Eggs for breakfast has been essential for households all over the United States. In a busy drive-through world where a healthy breakfast can be a luxury, these crustless mini egg bites by The Perfect Bite Co are a yummy treat.

Mothers and fathers will find it easy to remove a box from the freezer and microwave or oven each bite in a compostable cup which makes running out the door easy without a mess.

A great option to also put in a prepared lunch or cook at work to accompany a salad.

Made with wholesome and natural ingredients, these bites are also low calorie and full of protein.

Save time, money and worry with this easy breakfast by The Perfect Bite Co.


Structural Design of Packaging (quiche cups) + Packaging Artwork by Kat Reyes of Pearl Resourcing for The Perfect Bite Co ( Available in select retailers near you - visit the website to find a store in your areal

Interested in having your structural packaging design re-designed? Contact us for an appointment today:


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