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EVENT: Bootcamp: Product Development & Packaging for Retail Sales Success (MARCH 4, 2019 in Dallas)

WeWork Dallas | 1920 McKinney Ave | FL 7 | Dallas, Tx 75201

Monday, March 4, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (CST)

We're excited to share an upcoming course in Dallas, Texas! This bootcamp is 2 intense hours that a will educate you on how to launch your idea into a physical products business.

We will arm you with an overview and questions you need to ask to protect yourself from risks and increase profitability and speed to market.

To sign up and buy your tickets visit EVENT BRITE:



WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: You will learn the basic process for how to take your i

idea and CREATE PHYSICAL PRODUCTS THAT SELL IN RETAIL OR ONLINE. THis process can be repeated across many categories and will help you evaluate your idea as a potential business oppertunity.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Do you want to create a physical product under your personal brand or as a product for your CPG company? Come join us for a 2 hour BOOT CAMP to learn how to create physical products that sell.

We'll walk you through the entire product life cycle from ideation to sales so you learn how to turn your idea into a manufactured product you can sell in retail or e-commerce.

If you have a physical product business idea, do you know...

1) How to figure out if your idea will work?

2) How to caluclate your budget of time and money?

3) How to develop a recipe or formulaton and find a co-packer?

4) What questions to ask to be sure your product is safe and affordable?

5) How to pick packaging for your product?

6) How to do your first production run and get the product you hoped for?

7) How to determine where to start selling your product (amazon, shopify, your retail for example)?

8) How to price your product to make money?

9) How to get your product from the factory to the customer?

10) How to plan and handle returns, mistakes and planning for round 2?

You will know the answer to these questions at the end of this 2 hour bootcamp.

COURSE INCLUDES: Printed workbook to help you start your product development plan OR revise and make changes to your existing physical products.

WHY THIS CLASS IT WORTH YOUR TIME: Our goals are to help you launch faster, more profitably and having way more fun. We will give you MORE information in 2 hours than you have ever found in a book or mentor or coaching session OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

Come learn how to manufacture physical products under your brand or the brand of an influencer you manage--don't just pay someone else to do it. Learn to do it yourself.

We'll get you going--fast.

ABOUT YOUR TEACHERS: This course is taught by Emily Page and Tuukka Oksanen of Pearl Resourcing.

  • Emily Page will be teaching ideation, target customer avatar, branding, design, manufacturing/co-packing, quality control, retail sales.

  • Tuukka Oksanen covering the topics of accounting, pricing, logistics, Shopify/Amazon sales.

ABOUT THE LOCATION: The bootcamp will be in UPTOWN DALLAS on charming McKinney St (WeWork, 1920 McKinney Ave, 7th Floor; Dallas, TX 75201. Metered street parking and garage parking is available on all sides of the building.


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