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Customer In Crises - Pivot Your Business Strategy To Meet Demand in Quarantine (Free 30 Min Webinar)

On-Demand Webinar to help brand owners plan during this season of uncertainty.
Customer In Crises - Pivot Your Business In Quarantine

Some of your customers are in survival mode during this COVID-19 outbreak and it’s changing their needs and impacting your business. You’ve had customers cancel and seen a shift in sales in even a short amount of time - how should you react?

As executives and brand owners it's important we stay calm and lead. This is the moment to re-define your business plan to serve current customer needs. Businesses that pivot correctly - will survive and thrive in this moment.There are massive opportunities for growth in times of uncertainty if you can be sensitive to your customers needs and position to serve them now.

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Even in a down economy people will continue to buy, but WHAT they will buy will change. Your customer DID NOT disappear or stop wanting what they bought from you before - they still want those things, they are just scared about the future and unsure about the perspective to have.

On Demand Webinar on business strategies during quarantine.
Even in a down economy people will continue to buy, but what they will buy will change.

Some businesses are feeling paralyzed and canceling all growth plans and spending. It's easy for creativity to get quenched by uncertainty. Which means there is opportunity for you to OUTPACE your competition. Capture this moment to grow closer to customers and build a business that will last.

Watch this 30 minute webinar to WORK ON your business at this time. Capture this moment to grow closer to customers and build a business that will last.


You can skip to what info you will find the most relevant if you're short on time, but there are action items and examples to inspire you interspersed throughout the entire presentation.

  • A. Intro- Review of webinar outline and purpose (00:00-3:50)

  • B. Customer In Crises- Reviewing customer needs & fears in this time (03:50-6:05)

  • C. Examples Of Businesses Pivoting Today- What are other businesses doing that you can take inspiration from? (6:05-12:25 )

  • D. Studying Past Recessions– What products normally sell in a recession by category and what can I learn to apply to my business? (12:25-22:00)

  • E. How Can You Apply This To You?- Actions You Can Take To Re-Position Your Business(22:00-30:34)

  • F. Reminder of Correct Perspective Business Manager- Encouraging Closing & Correct Perspective (30:34-32:23)


The main thing you will recognize is that even in a recession, consumers will buy. There are actions you can take to connect to customers and pivot your business. The worst thing you can do is become paralyzed and do nothing and wait to make a plan. This season will pass and you have what it takes to get through it.


  • COST: Free

  • Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 · 8:30 AM PST/ 10:30:00 AM CST/11:30 AM EST

  • Duration: 30 minute webinar + 15 minute discussion

  • RSVP: now closed (now available on YOUTUBE)

P.S. Please share with anyone you know who is feeling worried about the future of their business. There is a lot of hope and creativity, it just takes a quick shift in your paradigm and meeting with other creative people can help and be the thing you need.


  • What are your next steps?

  • + Set aside 15 minutes apart from your computer or email and write down notes from this webinar to get the best value. What ideas and actions came to mind? What messaging and tone should you adjust in your sales presentations, website or social media? Which of our products will be "recession proof" and how can you pivot your other products during this season?

  • + If you want to pursue a possible re-brand or packaging artwork changes to pivot in this market, consider Pearl Resourcing for a quote ( We are experts in branding + packaging artwork.

  • + If you want personalized executive consulting and crises management, consider Emily Page Growth Consulting to have someone outside of your business help you get perspective and create a plan during this season (



Customer in Crisis - Pivot Your Business in Quarantine (On Demand Webinar)

EMILY PAGE is a business launching guru. She’s responsible for her customers products getting on the shelves of Target, Trader Joe’s and Costco. When she’s not doing product development she is consulting and coaching. She’ll be sharing with us all she’s learned in taking companies from Start to Sold Blog.


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