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ARTICLE PUBLISHED: 9 Beverage Industry Trends for 2019 and Beyond

I got to share this! Check out my new article New Hope Network (the company that brings you The Natural Products Expo!) about "9 Beverage Industry Trends for 2019 and Beyond."

These trends are hot, as in right off the production line, because it's all the first hand experience seen by my friend Pete Grego of Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. Pete is a black belt master manufacturer of emerging brand beverages and a vendor partner of mine in products I've created through Pearl Resourcing. He share's what's happening so you can get ahead of the curve.

If you're launching a beverage product as an entrepreneur OR a brand manager adding beverage line extensions... this is relevant to you!

OR... if you're in venture capital and wondering which beverage companies to invest in - may this help guide the way to richer investments and more delicious drinks!


-Emily, CEO of Pearl Resourcing


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