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BIXBY Chocolate is actually Maine's Best Chocolate, literally made BEAN TO BAR

Bixby Chocolate was founded by Kate McAleer with her mother Donna McAler. Kate represents a new breed of young entrepreneurs who are breaking with the traditional career path. They possess a renewed American spirit that drives them to create new businesses that are socially responsible while incredibly supportive of local communities.

Kate's life experiences have shaped every aspect of the Bixby Chocolate manufacturing company. The greatest inspiration for her recipes has been her strong, intimate relationships with family and community in addition to an active, health-conscious lifestyle. In true small business style the entire family gets involved in busy seasons to keep the orders being shipped out across the nation.

Bixby's Bon Bon's Blow Your Mind.
Bixby's Bon Bon's Blow Your Mind.

As a regionally prized and famous brand for the best sea salt caramels in Maine, people seek out these salty chewy bites to experience the East Coast. With fans amongst the "yachtees," lobstermen, vacationers, tourists and locals - the love of quality rich chocolate units us all.

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Packaging design by Pearl Resourcing. Services include:

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Hire Pearl Resourcing to help you with your BRAND up level by scheduling a 30 min consult on our homepage. to shop the sweet and salty Bixby treats to shop the sweet and salty Bixby treats

Bixby's is beyond creative with unique seasonal flavors in their bars and bon bone that melt in your mouth. Summer ingredients include Maine blueberry or honey. Sending their bon bons to a loved one is like sending them a quick trip to view the lighthouse and crashing waves you can find on the coast of Maine.

Bixby's is famous for Bon Bon's, Bars, Brittles, Bites, Bark and Baking Chocolates.

Bixby's is famous for Bon Bon's, Bars, Brittles, Bites, Bark and Baking Chocolates. This and Maine inspired chocolates like their unique and shockingly delicious CHOCOLATE LOBSTER - a molded chocolate with their most premium chocolate in milk or dark. All are perfect gifts during the holidays and even for yourself!


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