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Equilibrio Pre-Natal Massage in San Diego - New Website and Branding

One of the sweetest moments of your life - when you begin the process of tenderly caring for little ones, you so often need to be taken care of yourself!

Equilibrio massage therapists are pregnancy specialists who insist on taking care of you, so you can relax, feel comfort and health.

Their expertise is science-based prenatal and post partum massage geared to give you both comfort and safety. They also offer courses for moms and dads to give your newborns back massages and care for your family.

With a fresh perspective that focuses on supporting you and your family - you will know you are in caring hands.

Make an appointment by visiting:

Looking For A Gift

Sometimes you don't know what to give to the expecting or new mother in your life. Equilibrio offers gift certificates - something the new mothers in your life don't have yet but definently need.

Gift Certificate Options

​$110 toward a 75 min. Prenatal Massage

$145 toward a 90 min. Divine Mama Treatment

$150 toward any Massage Services

$250 toward any Massage Services

$500 toward any Massage Services

$1000 toward any Massage Services


Equilibrio's new website and brand design by talented Kat Reyes, Director of Brand and Marketing of Pearl Resourcing. The spirit of this company is captured in this fresh design. We also hope you'll take a look and share this incredible team's work with a mother you know who would benefit from some "me time."


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