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Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops

Candy is so much more than candy. It has the power to say thank you, I love you, and even express what is impossible to say. - Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops has gone through a re-brand that includes re-committing to their obsession with focusing on customer experience to inspire gifting and discovery for yourself.

With packaging design by the Pearl Resourcing team - we think you will be AS OBSESSED as we are with the fun bold colors, flavors and options you can buy for yourself or friends.

Browse even more of their packaging and find gift inspiration on their website:

If you like the new look leave a comment and tell us which flavors capture your attention the most!

PS. Packaging design by Pearl Resourcing Brand + Packaging Design Agency

Your packaging inspiration for the day by Pearl Resourcing featuring Lolli and Pops.


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