Sweet Artwork for Miel Labonte Honey Now In TJX Stores

Miel Labonte makes sweet and pure honey's in Canada.

Miel Labonte makes sweet and pure honey's in Canada. Their latest giftable honey jars 2.2 lb/ 1 kg packaging and artwork by Pearl Resourcing for their TJX companies project is light and sweet... Just like the honey inside the jar!

Golden and Sweet US Grade A Honey by Miel Labonte glows with warm golden colors.

The design direction was picked by Evy Remedios, who leads the sales charge for Miel Labonte. His vision was to serve the shopper at TJX - who seek unique and premium products for gifting or home decor.

The design Pearl created is meant to be adorable and sweet. Miel Labonte's label design is meant to be on everyones kitchen counter.

If you you want a sweet treat to spread on toast or stir into your tea this holiday season, visit your local Home Goods OR TJ Maxx and look for Miel Labonte Honey in 4 variations, Pure & Natural, real Blueberry Blossom, Clover and Organic Honey.

The latest Blueberry flavored golden honey by Miel Labonte is delicate and balanced for use in teas and spread on toast or muffins.

Visual Design of Packaging (Label Artwork in English and French) by Jennifer Ly of Pearl Resourcing for Miel Labonte (http://www.labonteinc.com/honey-products/home.aspx). Available in select Home Good, TJ Maxx and Marshals stores near you. Find it in your store? Send us a photo or post it in the comments or your social media and tag us! We would love to see your smiling face.

Interested in having your structural packaging design re-designed? Contact us for an appointment today: info@pearlresourcing.net.

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