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ADVICE: Will you make an effective retail sales strategy this year? (YouTube)

Start To Sold Video For CPG Start-Ups: Creating a Packaging Strategy That Sells Product

You know you have an important trade show coming up and you could meet a buyer for a HUGE retail chain that could change your life if you are prepared for that sales pitch... when you're busy running product development sales for a huge brand OR leading a start-up you barely have time to sleep, let alone think through how these differences should apply to your brand.

Oftentimes sales flat-line because a brand is being RE-ACTIVE instead of PRO-ACTIVE for their next sales presentation. If you're selling the identical products, packaging and serving sizes you sold last year... don't expect any sales growth.

So how do you prepare for your next trade show or sales pitch of your CPG product? How should you plan your sales strategy for next year so you're prepared to meet with any retail buyer and close that PO? I'd like to suggest you should start here:

  1. Identify what stores you're currently in and where you want to be next year

  2. Consider what type packaging, serving sizes and displays are in these new stores

  3. Create this type of packaging for your product (design it, cost it out, figure out the palletization and case pack, etc. Calculate and plan out all the information that retail buyer for your target customer will need in order to feel confident you are ready to handle their order).

  4. Create a sales presentation tailored for each retailer type highlighting these packaging differences that are perfect for them - that includes all the answers you figured out in step #3

The outcome of your strategization session will be different packaging, prices, serving sizes etc for different retail types... which will result in NEW sales. I guarantee it.I've seen it for every client we've ever had.

It's important to PRO-ACTIVE in order to capture new customers and open up new shelves.


To help you slow your mind and plan, I created a few resources:

  1. Watch this video to re-focus on what you know - different retailers require different types of packaging (

2. Then download this FREE PDF worksheet (no strings attached) ( which has questions to work through with your team to apply these facts and create a pitch strategy tailored for each retailer with packaging perfect for their style of store.

These two resources will help you be prepared to meet with your retail buyers this coming year and close sales. Don't miss a sales opportunity because you didn't plan. Take time today to make a difference for next year (



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Emily is CEO of Pearl Resourcing and has managed and launched multiple 7-figure brands in Costco, Williams-Sonoma, Kroger, and Amazon. She’s bringing you the expertise, resources, and mentors you need so that you can develop products and make them sell. For more information about Pearl Resourcing visit:


This video was created by some of the BEST CPG video production teams in town, Yes Go Productions. Need a video to sell your products online! Check them out!


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