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Blood Sugar Boss Influencer Publishes New Book - DHJ

At first glance health coach and yogi, Lauren Bongiorno, presents as all brawn, beauty and brains. You would never know she suffers from a chronic condition: Type I Diabetes. There is no cure, and the endgame of successful management is maintaining healthy blood sugar levels - known as A1C - which are tested by an endocrinologist every 3 months. Being reduced to a number can make patients like Lauren feel that the diabetes mindset is overwhelming and out of their control. She realized that getting in tune with your day-to-day lifestyle – pitch perfecting your mind, body and soul – gives the diabetic the upper hand in management. That is how A1C apostle, Lauren Bongiorno, created the Diabetic Health Journal: A 3-Month Guide to Achieving Your Best A1C.

Necessity Coaches Invention

For years Lauren had been scribbling down notes here and there - tracking patterns like sleep, hydration and mood - without a comprehensive overview of what was working and what needed improvement in her daily wellness routine. From Post-Its to PDF’s she began refining her tracking methods and sharing them with her clients who then started asking for the templates to be in physical, bound book form. Bongiorno explains that the book is not meant to retrofit all Type I diabetics but is based on her own experiences filtered into key points meant to guide.

Pancreas Pep Rally

The Diabetic Health Journal, along with Lauren’s social media, empowers her community and offers entry-level commonality to troubleshoot, encourage and offer emotional support to diabetics on a global scale. Lauren’s favorite part of the journal is the 1 week/month challenge which can be mind, body or soul focused. The journal coupled with the online outreach fosters encouragement and accountability whether your challenge is meditating every day or focusing on a plant-based diet for the week.

Turn The Page

Some say it takes a village, but we say it takes a girl boss tribe to get the job done. Like many entrepreneurial love stories Lauren and Emily Page, CEO of Emily Page Publishing, met at a tradeshow and were immediately drawn to one another’s magnetic energies. Emily Page - who also owns and operates Pearl Resourcing LLC, a packaging and product development company – was thrilled to have the opportunity to develop and publish the Diabetic Health Journal. In addition to collaborating on an exciting project, the concept and content were deeply personal to Page whose own mother is also a Type I diabetic. Together with Pearl Resourcing's Visual Identity Director, Kat Reyes, the Diabetic Health Journal launched in January 2018.

A self-proclaimed “peaceful warrior,” Lauren Bongiorno is leading the charge to bring holistic Type I Diabetes management to all who suffer from this condition. The Diabetic Health Journal drives the focus away from blood sugar numbers and offers the diabetic the opportunity to imprint authority over their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. For more information on Lauren Bongiorno’s diabetes journey and coaching services please visit her website

By Carly Fields for Pearl Resourcing, LLC

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