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How To Break Through Worry and Confusion During COVID19 - Entrepreneur Mindset & Planning in Crises

If you’re feeling worried, overwhelmed, confused, or scared as a business owner or executive because of the uncertainty in the global economy with the COVID19 outbreak - you are not alone.

How can you stop the fear and make a plan?
How To Break Through Worry and Confusion During COVID19 - Entrepreneur Mindset & Planning in Crises

What can we do in this moment of crises to lead ourselves and break free from these feelings so we can make decisions about our future? When I am worried, I use this critical thinking tool to remain calm and plan for the future, and I hope it will help you too.

You start by breaking down where your feelings are coming from - and your feelings always come from the meaning you give to your circumstances. If you can find a more empowering and forward moving meaning, you will change your feelings... your actions and results.

To simplify you always use this breakdown:

  • CIRCUMSTANCES: This is something you cannot change or impact.

  • INTERPRETATION/MEANING: You DO have choice over your mind and what you think of the circumstances.

  • FEELINGS: Your feelings come from your interpretation of something and you can always backtrack from your feelings to what you actually think of a situation because they are connected.

  • ACTIONS: What you feel, you will do.

  • RESULTS: What you do will create results.

KEY POINT: To change how you feel OR get more control over the future outcome of your business, THE KEY is to change your interpretation of your circumstances.

New Video: How To Break Through Worry and Confusion During COVID19 - Entrepreneur Mindset & Planning in Crises
Change the meaning. Change Your Feelings.

If you run a company, are an entrepreneur, or manage a brand as an executive then you’re a leader and already know the power of what you think about. How you interpret the world, creates feelings for you and your team, which creates actions and those actions create results. Where you focus is where your business will go.

I hope this tool helps you to re-organize your strategy in this crises so you can re-gain a sense of control and plan with clarity for the future.

In moments of crises our leadership matters more than ever for the sake of our businesses, our friends, family and neighbors. We will get through this together.


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