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Manufactured by Pearl Resourcing, Published by Emily Page Publishing - available at
The Diabetic Health Journal (edition 2), written by Lauren Bongiorno, is a health coach here to help you lower your A1C.

It's here! Edition #2 of the Diabetic Health Journal! Revised and refreshed by author Lauren Bongiorno, the 2nd edition has been revised and made even better to support ALL #diabetics with #Type1 and #Type2 to lower their #A1C.

Lauren teaches that #mindfulness is at the root of a healthy life and the path you need to take to identify the patterns that lead to swings in your A1C.

"I created The Diabetic Health Journal because I know how challenging it is to make diabetes a priority without proper holistic support. We put our health and happiness in our doctor’s hands, when really we could be using mindfulness and reflection to discover wellness throughout our mind, body, and soul." - Lauren Bongiorno T1D DIABETIC HEALTH COACH + FOUNDER
Manufactured by Pearl Resourcing, Published by Emily Page Publishing
The Diabetic Health Journal (edition 2) by Lauren Bongiorno
Manufactured by Pearl Resourcing, Published by Emily Page Publishing
The Diabetic Health Journal (myDHJ) version 2 for Type 1 and Type 2 A1C support.

Inside each page is carefully organized to daily guide you through 90 days of tracking the key elements that influence your health. With diligence you can identify the patterns creating unhealthy #bloodsugars or moods. You'll be surprised when you're able to identify the patterns simply by tracking them daily.

With the education and new processes in the journal, you can get better visibility into your #diabetes so you can effectively lower your #A1C! You can also even bring your journal with you to the doctor to help you remember what influenced your A1C since your last visit.

The new style is modern and simple so you can comfortably slip it into your bag or purse. With clean cream and slate grey textured cotton fabric on the hardbound journal cover your journal will be sturdy for daily use. This journal is great gift for any woman or man in your life seeking more support for their blood sugars and monitoring their health.

This is a perfect gift for someone in your life seeking to take control of their diabetes health. To make a purchase, see testimonials or join the #myDHJ tribe visit


A health coach with Type 1 Diabetes, her daily advice and support helps others find the balance in their Diabetic health.
Lauren Bongiorno author of Diabetic Health Journal reflects on what inspired her writing this journal.


A self-proclaimed “peaceful warrior,” Lauren Bongiorno is leading the charge to bring holistic Type I Diabetes management to all who suffer from this condition. The Diabetic Health Journal drives the focus away from blood sugar numbers and offers the diabetic the opportunity to imprint authority over their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


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