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Tradition, Flavor and Elegance With Bissinger's New Classic Crest Box

Pearl Resourcing's structural design and manufacturing of the NEW Crest Box for Bissinger's is a stunning example of elegance.
Bissinger's Crest Chocolate Box features the emblem of family hand crafted chocolate, structural design by Pearl Resourcing.

Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier has 350+ years of history in American making French confections from family recipes (see video below to see their story).

With the *new* Crest Chocolate Box, their 18 most popular treats featured here can be gifted for holiday sampling.

Creating an elegant experience with warm gold tones and featuring their signature company emblem embossed with a darker warm gold foil on the lid - this box is already a new "CLASSIC."


Walk with us through the structural design and manufacturing process to create this beautiful box. Pearl Resourcing loves passionate customers and Dan Abel, Chief Chocolate Officer and owner of Bissinger's Chocolates is wild for what he does!

In a recent interview with Emily Page on START TO SOLD, Dan explains: "I wanted to honor the Bissinger's Family." He continues explaining how this box does just that because "every piece of chocolate their team selected to include has a tradition and "story" behind it. Including the inclusion of vintage starlet Lauren Bacall's favorite "Bear Claw" chocolate.

Watch our Dan Abel talk about the inspiration for this project and it's beautiful flavors and creativity:

Here we walk through the steps of creating this beautiful packaging:

  1. IDEATION - We discusses the projects scope and product's needs. As a chocolate giftable box for holiday, Dan had a clear vision to honor the founding Bissinger Family with a signature shape around their crest. The box would be sold online and sent via courier and he had access to samples for the correct sizing.

  2. STRUCTURAL DESIGN - We measured the chocolates and space to fit this unique shape. We created a CAD layout for the box in our production room, craft a white sample and sent it to Dan for testing. Once approved we prepared the dielines (a PDF file that shows where to design the artwork for when we print the paper that will surround the box). We also discuss paper styles or colors, embossing charges and hot foil shades.

  3. ARTWORK - The artwork begins with the original branding, logo files and written romance copy or nutritionals (none in this case) sent from Dan in the highest resolution he could find. Our design team applies the colors and images to the flat file version of the box and sends it to him for approval. Dan checked the placement and copy.

  4. MANUFACTURING - Based on the approved specifications we start mass production on the ordered quantities to ensure we deliver for Dan in time for his holiday catalogue and pre-orders!

Here you can see how the evolution of Dan's vision for the box evolve below:


Structural Design of Packaging (box) + Packaging Artwork by Pearl Resourcing for Dan Abel, Chief Chocolate Officer of Bissinger's ( Signature Gift Box now available for holiday pre-order online:

To learn more about Bissinger's you can view this video about their passion and history below.


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