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Best Practices For Virtual Meetings

View this quick PDF checklist for a ZOOM call sales meeting so you can be confident and succeed!
Eliminate nervous jitters and risks for your next ZOOM call.

ZOOM CALL MISHAPS? You know can sell like a superstar but it is just not the same during this #CoronaVirusQuarantine when everyone is selling over tele-conference software from home.

Here's how to avoid the beginners mistakes AND perfect your teleconference sales presentations (short 30 minute video):

This fun conversation is focused on actionable best practices with ECRM's Joseph Tarnowski and Emily Page, CEO of Pearl Resourcing including:

  • Checking internet speed & audio/video capability

  • Room setup

  • Lighting

  • Camera angles

  • What to wear during the presentation

  • Cleaning up your computer screen

  • Product presentation and using digital mock-ups

Once you watch, if you want a QUICK and easy PDF to download checklist you can download it for free here:

If you need some help with the things we recommend - branded presentations, digital product mockups OR consulting on ZOOM sales calls, Pearl Resourcing provides these things. You can learn more here as well:



Emily Page has over 12 years of experience in selling consumer brand products in the food industry with packaging. She is the CEO and founder of Pearl Resourcing (, an international packaging and product development company where she has launched multiple 7-figure brands into retail and e-commerce with 2-5x growth in sales.


Kat Reyes is VP of Brand Identity a Pearl Resourcing and is highly intuitive to her clients ethos and what will work in the market. Passionate about building practical, effective brands, changing the world through social influence, and running around the beach with an amazing daughter and two doggies. To connect follow her here:


To download the EASY to use ZOOOM checklist PDF OR learn more about Pearl Resourcing's services that can help you such as MOCK-UPS, SALES PRESENTATIONS, SALES PRESENTATION PRACTICE visit:


ECRM is an efficient supplier and buyer meeting tradeshow, with 1-1 meetings scheduled with real decision makers.


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